Friday, April 3, 2009


I learnt this recipe from my periyamma. ( Father's bro's wife). It is so simple but it tastes delicious with cured rice. All in my family loves this. Now a days my daughter loves this so.. much. My friend Hema bought this mavadu for me, some vendor came to her house.


Mavadu / Tender Mango - 4 padi ( 2 Kilos)
Rock Salt/ kal Uppu - 1 : 4 ratio ( If mavadu is four you have to use 1 measure of salt)
Chili powder - 200 gm
Musturd seeds - 50 gms
Turmeric powder - 2 to 3 tsp
Castor oil - 1 or 2 tbsp


1. Wash the mavadu and spread in a cloth and nicely wipe it , it should not be wet.
2. Add Turmeric powder castrol oil and mix with hands, so that it will coat in each and every mavadu.
3. Add salt to that and mix well.

4. Close it with a lid and keep it aside for 2 to 3 days. Shake the vessel 2 or 3 times in a day .
5. After 2 0r 3 days the salt will melt and leave water.

6. Grind musturd without adding water.
5. Add Chili powder and musturd seeds and transfer to a air tight container. After a week the mavadu will be ready to use. It will absorb the salt, chili powder and it will be YUmmm with curd rice.

Since , it is a best side dish for Curd rice it is going to take part in WYF Side dish by Easy crafts and also in FIC - Red and Green hosted by Neha started by Harini.

Taking part in Mango Mania @ pumpkin farm.



Wow.. Vidhya! That looks so spicy and makes me drool.. I can eat curd rice the whole day just for this maavadu!


I haven't eaten that Midi maavu pickle in a long time, mouthwatering V. Lucky you, enjoy! :)

Gita's Kitchen

I am simply drooling over those maavadu Vidhas, it has been a long time since I had them. I like the way you used padi for measurement, it has been a while since I heard that too :)

Varsha Vipins

Oh..sobs kanni manga achar..that how we call it in Malayalam..u knw..we have 13 types of mango trees at home..n all the time I use to have this,,now missing it so much..:( drooling all over Vidhyakka..:)


I am drooling here! Looks so good!

Suma Rajesh

woo looks very spicy....jsut i need a bowl of curd rice..


looking colorful and nice vidhya...


Thanks Anu, Asha, Gita, Varsha, Cham , Suma and Pooja.

Varsha i also heared that kerala mavadu is too good. Wow!! its so great that you have 13 types of mango tress in your house.

rekhas kitchen

when ever i like to have curd rice this on is my first choice looks so spicey and yummmmy mouthwatering mmmmmmmmmm

Priya Sriram

Awesome awesome entry Vidhya... My most favourite pickle in the whole world! :) I remember my aunt making it for me! :) Really miss it so much...


Preparing kadumanga ( thats what we call it at Palakkad side) is an annual summer ritual at home. Though I have reduced the quantity these years. More thaan the maangai, I love the maanga thanni.

Yours looks mouthwatering.

Mahimaa's kitchen

hmmm i miss mavadu :( ipadi tempt panriye.


Hi Vidhya,
god! u've made a tempting midi pickle :) lovely..reminds me of my Ammas pickle :)u've done an excellent job on the pickle. I am too scared to make it at home for the fear that it'll go bad fast :(
wish I could taste the pickle u made :)


OMG, Nakku oooraradhu...I even have this with sambar rice..Chance illa supera iruku..PArkum bodhe pasikaradhu ennaku....


Love pickles and this is one among the favourites


vidya i remember those days when my mom go to the madurai market and buy mavadu in bulk and prepare that and send my 3 athais a bucket and keep 2 for her.unfortunately nobody in my mil's family like that. yours look drooling.thairsadam readypannungo

Deepa Hari

Lovely Mavadu Vidhya....Yeah, great to go with curd rice...ur pics r tempting me...nice one.


Wow! that looks spicy. Perfect for curd rice.


Woww superb..just goes perfect with curd rice..just drooling!


Thanks Buddies, for the lovly comments.

FoodyGuru (Srimathi)

My mom is just preparing them the last few days


Right time of the recipe..the markets in South India would be full of mavadu now...thanks for the spicy sidedish


Ahaa!Kollreengaley! Supera irrukku! I wud eat curd rice a lot with this:))


Love love love this yummy spicy pickle..It has been years since I have eaten the fresh pickle..Looks so tempting..mouthwatering.

Ramya Vijaykumar

Wow, I cant think of anything else now other than your mavadu... Looks great...


i am not too fond of pickles..but i like to use it in my pachidis..looks really good..


Thanks Buddies


Yummm! I love pickles. My favorites are mango and garlic. This mango pickle is very popular in kerala. We call it Kadu manga achaar.


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Its been a long time i tasted this pickle....looking yummm


Thanks Prathibha, Mehar and Smitha.


Wow! Mavadu Looks so tempting...mouth watering..This time we didn't get mavadu in mumbai:( missing this send me dear:)


Looking so tempting n spicy....


First time to your blog. Maavadu looks lovely. Was just searching for this recipe.


Thanks Jaishree, Neha and Ramya.

Jaishree surely i will send it to you.

Madhu's cooking gallery

tangy and spicy! love this maavadu!! perfect match with thair satham!!

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