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Happy Diwali to all.!!! Everyone will be in the preparation of celebrating Diwali. My kids are very excited to wear their dress and burst crackers. Janani got her first salwar for Diwali, she wanted a Anarkali dress, she got it!!! Gautham has got a Kurtha. A Saree and a salwar for me!! ;-)

This year I made Mixture, Murukku , Mysore pak and Cashew burfi. I have posted both the sweets already, but i have re posted it here.



Gram flour/ Besan

Rice flour

Maida / all purpose flour


Aval / Rice flakes


Fried gram Dhall / Pottukadali

Cashew (Optional)

Chilli powder



Curry leaves

We have to make omapudi, bhoondhi, maida biscuit and mix with all.



Gram flour

Rice flour



Combine Besan - 1 cup and rice flour 2 tbsp and make a dough by adding little water.

Heat oil in a kadai, when the oil is hot keep in the medium flame and Make Omapudi with the murruku presser using the plate which has lots of holes.

You can directly press in the oil, because we are going to crush at the last.

Make this according to your quantity, how much mixture you want.



Gram flour

Rice flour



combine one cup besan and 1 tbsp of rice flour , add water and make like dosa batter consistency.

Heat oil in a kadai , keep the flame in high (if it is sim the bhoondhi's won't come perfect)

Keep the bhoondhi karandi on top of the kadai and pour the batter and make bhoondhi.

Quantity depends upon your need.

Maida Biscuit






Dissolve the sugar 3 tbsp for 1 cup maida in water.

Combine the maida and sugar water and make a dough (Like Chappathi )

Roll out big chappathi and cut into pieces and deep fry it.

Quantity depends upon your need.

Final Product

1. In a large vessel add chilli powder, salt , hing.

2. Heat oil in kadai and deep fry aval(rice flakes), curry leaves and add it in the vessel, the raw smell of chili powder will disappear in the heat.

3. Crush the omapudi add to this, add bhoondhi, maida biscuit , peanuts, fried gram dhall, cashews.

4. Mix well. Your appetizing mixture is ready.

Cashew Burfi


Cashew – 150 gms

Sugar - Twice of cashew paste

Ghee (clarified Butter) – 1 tbsp

Milk – 2 tbsp


1. Soak cashew in milk for 30 minutes and grind it to a paste.

2. In a heavy bottomed pan add sugar, add required quantity of water to dissolve the sugar

3. Add a spoon of milk to the boiling sugar syrup. After two minutes if there is dirt in the sugar syrup , it will be collected in the sides of the pan, take it out

.4. Check it out for one string stage , that is if you touch the sugar syrup between your fingers one string will come.

5. In that stage add the grounded cashew paste.

6. Stir nicely not to form lumps.

7. When it boils nicely add ghee. Keep a plate greased with ghee.

8. When it is not sticking in the pan pour a drop of cashew mixture in that plate, if you can roll it like a ball, you can pour entire mixture in the plate.

9. Allow it to cool , when it is Luke warm make pieces.


I learnt it from my mom. I miss appa ( FIl) whenever I make this. He used to say “ grand sweets (Shop name) mathri panneyeruka vidhya”. He will ask me more since he is a diabetic I won’t give him, but somehow he will get it done. My kids call this as Diamond sweet.


Besan / Chickpea Flour – 1 cup

Sugar – 2 to 3 cups

Ghee – 1 ½ to 2 cup

Refined oil – 1 cup

Elachi powder – one generous pinch

(we can use ghee 3 cups or ghee 2 cups and oil 1 cup)


In a heavy bottomed kadai combine sugar and water and make one string syrup. I have taken 2 ½ cup of sugar. If you touch the syrup between your hands it should form a string.Add besan and mix nicely to avoid lumps. If some lumps are there no problem it will dissolve later.

If you are using oil add in this stage.Don't worry about the taste you cant feel the oil. Stir continuously . Gradually add the rest of ghee.Grease a plate with ghee , pour a drop of mixture in that and if you can roll as a ball, it is right stage. The picture shows the stage.

Pour the mixture in the greased plate, sprinkle sugar on top ( optional) and make pieces when it is warm.


Janani asked me to make star murukku this year, she calls this like this. My maternal aunt makes this awesome, i asked the proportion and it came out well.


Rice - 4 cups

Channa dhall - 1/2 cup

Moong dhall - 1 cup


Sesame seeds

Cumin seeds




1. Dry roast channa dhall and moong dhall until it slightly turns colour and nice aroma comes.
2. combine rice and both the dhalls and grind in rice mill.
3. Take one cup (200 gms) flour, add 1 tsp - cumin seeds, sesame seeds , salt , I tbsp of butter, hing and make a dough.
4. Make small murukkus using the star plate and deep fry it.
Mysore pak and Cashew Burfi is taking part in Sreisha's Sweet Series.
Mysore pak is taking part in FIL Ghee hosted by Sangi.



Happy Diwali 2 u too...nice recipes dear


Thank You Aysha!!!


Happy Diwali to you & your family :)
Lovely snacks and sweet!

Shama Nagarajan

happy diwali dear...lovely diwali delights


yummy goodies...sweets look perfect..happy diwali


Happy diwali to u all.All the seewts and snacks looks yummy.perfect shapes too,which i never get:P


Omg Vidhya, wat a lovely array of delicious and mouthwatering diwali sweets and savouries, am inviting myself to you place dear..Wishing a happy and safe diwali to you and ur family..


So many! everything looks great vidya...So your daughter is enjoying her anarkali salwar?..:)

Happy Deepavali to you and your family too!


Happy Diwali to you all.
Thanks for the lovley comments.
Priya - you are always welcome my dear.

Valli , yes she is enjoying with her dress.


Hope u had a wonderful celebration! Lovely sweets and snacks...


So many yummy goodies dear..


Ur diwali entries are awesome..Thank u for sending to the contest..its been published now..u can check it out in my blog...

Sree vidya

wow delicious array of sweets
Hope you had a great diwali.

Please accept your awards @

Dhanya Nambirajan

Lovely diwali recipes. Hope u had a wonderful Diwali:).


Wow, so many dishes on Diwali.. great!! All of them looks so gud.. yummy !!


Thank You friends for the lovley comments and support.

Malar Gandhi

Belated Diwali wishes, everything looks so good. Guess you had a great time.

Shobana senthilkumar

All items have come out to its level best...kaju kathali is really tempting me:)


Thank you new friends Dhanya, Archy, shobana. thanksMalar.


All the goodies look wonderful...Guess you had a great Deewali..

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

Hi Vidhya,

You have no idea how much i love mysore pak. the last time we went to Chennai, i bought a half kg box of the sweet from Krishna sweets and i finished it all in 3-4 days!!! i wait for someone to visit chennai and get it for me. but now that you have given this recipe, i am on my way to buy besan! thansk a loads...

Murukku is next on the list as i hv never tried it! we generally prepare moong dal samosas for snacks during diwali. in case you need the recipe or want to tell your readers about the link, here it is -

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Oh my god! I am such a big fan of Deepavali legyam! I just love it, and keep eating it the whole day...


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