Friday, November 14, 2008


Today also a great day to me. Yasmeen and priya honoured me with this Great buddy award. Thank you gals i am feeling great. Thanks for sharing and for the support.
I would like to pass this to all my friends whose support is with me always.

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thanks a lot dear for ur sweet of u..u made my day happier....


Thank you so much dear. Iam honored. I added your blog in my blogroll.

Indranee Batabyal

Congrats on your lovely award!!


Thank you, buddy:)


It is my pleasure gals

Shama Nagarajan

congrats on ur award.......thank u so much for passing it to me.....feel means a lot to me

Indranee Batabyal

Thanks a ton Vidhas for sharing the lovely award with me!It means a lot to me!!


Congratulations on your Awards dear and thanks for passing it to me.



Wow, another award for me! Thank you so much for your nice gesture! Congrats on yours too.


Oh my my,i am surely gonna sink with the load of awards....lolz
Will surely,very proudly wear them on my blog !Thanks for thinking of me,thts really sweet of u !


Oops in my excitement i forgot to Congratulate u for receiving these awards :-)


Thats a lovely award.. And thanks for thinking of me again...

Purva Desai

Thanks dear....for considering me as ur buddy....will cherish this frndship...

Gita Jaishankar

Thank you so much dear for making my day. The encouragement that you been giving me means a lot ot me :)

Priya Suresh

Congrats on ur award n thanks for sharing with me..

Deepthi Shankar

thanks so much dear & congrats to you too

Deepthi Shankar

looks soo yumm .. thanks so much for the surprise yasmeen & congrats to you too

Mahimaa's kitchen

thanks so much dear.. awards keep on coming my way :)


Thank you, Vidhas.


Hope you got my previous comment!

Please visit my place for a treat:


Congrats on your awards.....I too have some for you,plz pick them up )

Jaishree Iyer

Congrats on ur award n thanks for sharing with me..


Thank u so much for the award , I am really happy


Thxs a lot dear... congrats on ur awards..

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