Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is my favourite dish. My son love this so.. much. When I was in school days my mom prepares using sevai nazhi (photo given after the recipe). She makes idli using only par bolied rice batter, and keep the idlies in the nazhi and make sevais. I use to help her. It’s a real pain. Nowadays we get instant idiyappam flour, using that we can make in minutes. I have a sevai presser and I made it with that.


Idiyappam flour – 1 cup
warm water as required
salt as per taste

For Coconut milk

Coconut – 1
Cardamon – 1
Sugar as per taste

1. Combine flour and salt and make a dough.
2. I used sev presser, you can use murukku presser also for this.
3. Steam the made iddiyappam in a idli cooker or a pressure pan.
4. Grind the coconut combing cardamom and sugar.
5. Strain and repeat the process once .

Your delicious iddiyappam and thengai pal is ready.

We can serve with stew here to see the recipe.

Here is my mom's Sevai Nazhi. I got this picture to send for Kitchen Treasures. But I missed that event.:-(

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Looks yummy! Happy New Year :)


Love ur sevai achi, That is a real treasure.
Happy New Year to u and ur family Vidhas !


My mom too use the same technique to make idiyappam and we too had the same press,but only its not iron..we will hold the legs of the press and help my mom,preventing moving...;)
Idiyappam looks so soft and moist...:)

Shama Nagarajan

This is one of my most fav.....inviting....yumyum

Mahimaa's kitchen

lovely combo.. enaku venum.

Happy New Year!!


wow perfect entry looks so yummy


Vidhya i still remember those days i used to help my mom for doing this sevai.nice experience. i hope i dont have the patience now.Nice recipe.healthy food also


Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year 2009!


Thankyou all for the lovely comments, I need your support all the time.


First time to your blog, and felt nice to go thru it. We used to do same way. It looks yummy. Wishing u a very happy new year.

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