Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My daughter call this as ball ball brinjal. Its my favourite too. this is my moms signature dish. My father in law likes so.. much. I have n't prepared for so many months after he left us, because i don't feel like preparing it. But my daughter was keep on asking so i prepared at last.


Small brinjals – 400 gms
Curry powder - 1 cup 
Oil and mustard seeds for seasoning.


1. Cut the brinjal half from both the sides. If you are cutting horizontally from one side cur vertically from other side.

2. Stuff the curry powder in to both the sides.

3. Heat oil in a pan(liberally) and season with mustard seeds.

4. Add stuffed brinjal and cook in Sim fame with lid closed.

5. After the brinjals are cooked you can remove the lid and allow it to fry.

Mouthwatering brinjals are ready

If you want to use less oil you can steam the stuffed brinjals in a pressure cooker or you can microwave it.


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