Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PAL KOZHUKATTAI (Rice flour balls in Milk)

I like this pal kozhukatai so.. much. Every time i go to my mom's place i will ask her to make it. This time with the help of my mom i just made it.


Rice flour – 1 cup
Jaggery – 1 cup
Milk – 1 cup
grated coconut – 1 handful
Elachi (Cardamon) powder – a generous pinch


1. In a heavy bottom pan add half cup of jagerry and water and make syrup and filter it.
2. In the same pan with the jaggery syrup add rice flour, grated coconut , stir continuously to make a dough.
3. Make small balls (Kozhukattai) out of that dough and steam cook it in a idly vessel or in a pressure cooker.
4. In a pan take the remaining jaggery , add milk to that and make a syrup. If it is so thick we can add water also. Add elachi powder to that.
5. When it boils and the steamed balls and give a boil.
6. Pal Kozhukattai ready

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Even my mom will do it nicely.I too make it in the same way as u said.we used to do it on an occasion named "garudapanchami",which is celebrated in the tamil month "aadi".


Kozhakattais looks yum... Have heard so much abt this pal kozhukattais. Not yet tasted it. Should try it soon.


Simply superb Vidha..i also did the same but mine is different..tempting treats...

Mahimaa's kitchen

looks delicious Vidhas.I also love pal kuzhakattai.


Sweet surprise for you in my blog :)

Aparna Vijay

Yummy kozhakatai..

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