Monday, November 24, 2008


My mom makes this during Krishna Jayanthi. This time also she made it , i helped her. We can also make it for karthigai too.

Rice – 4 cups
Moongdhall – ½ cup
Urad dhall- ½ cup
Oil for frying
Jaggery – 1 cup
Elachi powder – one generous pinch

1. combine rice, moongdhall, urad dhall and grind it as flour.
2. Make murukku out of that without adding salt.
3. Crush the murukku.
4. If the crushed murukku is one cup , take jaggery 1/2 cup.
5. Make a thick jagerry syrup, if you pour one drop in water you should be able to roll as ball.
6. Mix the crushed murukkus and make small balls .
This entry goes to Rice Mela hosted by Srivalli and EFM Sweets hosted by Srikars Kitchen


Malar Gandhi

Thanks for the support and standing by me, dear. I will never forget your gesture. btn heard of manoharam...but never tasted it b'4. sounds interesting dude...will give it a try sometimes.


we called it as manvaraunde...nice sweet know.. ur method is nice

Ramya Vijaykumar

I have never had this before this is entirely new to me... they look nice and small...

Mahimaa's kitchen

its my fav... send some plz..


Thank you Malar Gandhi, Vanamala,Ramya and Mahimaa.

YOu are always welcome to come and have your favourite.


wow vidya mouthwatering dish.I havebnt tried it after marriage.But my mom makes it so nicely.All time favourite .


This is an authentic recipe and I feel like tasting those manoharams!


Looks very tasty and delicious...


Manoharam looks delicious. It is my fav..

Purva Desai

Never heard about this, thanks for sharing it sounds delicious

Gita's Kitchen

This is a new dish to me... looks so yummy :)

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