Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Idli Uppma

This post was lying in my draft for long. Since it is a very easy recipe , i was hesitating to post. When I saw the FIC White event i thought of posting and sending. :-)


Idli -4
Green chili -1
Onion ( small) 1
Peanuts – one hand full
Oil, Musturd seeds, urad dhall for tempering


1. Crumble the idlies. ( If you keep in the fridge it will crumble very nicely)
2. In a pan heat oil and pop up mustard seeds, add urad dhall.
3. Add the onions, chopped green chili and sauté well
4. Add the peanuts and add the crumbled idlies.
5. If you want you can add idli chili powder.
This entry goes to FIC White hosted by Lubna and Sunshinemom.



Idhu ennudaiya favourite,idly prepare panni I will make for my self!!! Urs is a bit diff,from mine...nextime i will try :)


Delicious one, i love to have these upma anytime...

Kitchen Flavours

Wow yummy idea to recycle Idlis like this. Looks gr8.


I love Idli upma better than Idli..I make it in a different way though. Will try your method next time :)

Gita's Kitchen

This is my favorite evening snack, adding peanuts is a great and tasty idea....


Yeah thts so simple but so quick fix that i generally make some extra idlis and make this upma later ,tht saves my time and energy for thinking about yet another meal(i work more hard on deciding my next meal rather than cooking it ),and just a dash of fresh lemon juice and i am ready to binge upon this simple comfort food


Yes it is easy to make... Will disapper in minutes when hot on the table.


fast & easy right..loved it

Mahimaa's kitchen

its my fav..i usually crumble idli and add milaga podi :)


I just love this with leftover idlis .. very nice


Love idli upma, good one!


Looks tasty :)


easy but very very yummy!!!

Varsha Vipins

Thanx Vidhas for the vist and lovely comment..Pls be around..:)
You have a lovely blog.This recipe is really good.Now I know,what to do with my left over Idli's..;)


Thank you all for the lovely comments


looks delicious!

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