Saturday, December 13, 2008


This is my moms signature dish. I love her way of preparation. I can have more than one at a time .


Rava / sooji - 2 cups
Sugar – 2 cups
Ghee – 1 ½ cups (approximately)
Cashews – 50 gms
Elachi powder - 1/4 tsp


1. Roast rava slightly and grind it to powder.
2. Grind the sugar too.
3. Combine rava , elachi powder and sugar and add the roasted cashews.
4. Pour the ghee slowly by mixing the mixture. If you can make the rava mixture as a ball (Urandai) shape, you can keep the ghee aside.
5. Make small balls (Urandai) and keep it in air tight container.

Now, this is award time.

Hema has passed me this award by creating on her own, since I have introduced to this blog world. I was contributing recipes in my SIL’s blog (Vibaas) first. That time I have sent a link to her to view it. Later we both started our own blog. Thanks Hema for honouring me.

Hema has also passed Friends Award too.
We were friends for the past six years. We met in our first kids play school. We have become friends. When I was in the family way for my second one , she was also carrying second one.( Two months Less than me) We use to go for check ups together. When we went for my second weekly check up , the doctor told I have to get admitted for delivery since I am in labour. Hema waited till my in laws came and the she went home. She is really a good friend. Thank You Hema , it means a lot to me.

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