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This is my favourite. This is my Athai’s (father’s sister) signature dish. Before marriage I was working in Delhi. I was staying in my athai’s house and in hostel. During Diwali times ahtia used to make mixture and laddu. I Used to help her by making ommapodi, bhoondhi, maida biscuits etc for the mixture. I learnt it from her, after marriage I prepared lots of times and I got appreciation all the time. I have got the laddu recipe , but I have not tried alone. I used to help her making bhoondhi’s and making laddu’s out of it. She made it for me when she visited Chennai. When I saw who’s gona cook for me by Padmaja, I thought this will be apt for that.


Besan – 4 cups (chickpea flour)
Sugar – 6 cups
Water – 2 cups
Cashew, raisons, clove , ghee


Make sugar syrup by dissolving sugar and two cups of water. The syrup should be sticky like we make for gulab jamoon.

Take 2 cups of besan add water and make bhoondhi using bhoondhi karandi( it is a tool to make bhoondhis) Repeat the same for the rest of besan.

Strain the oil in a paper napkin and add the bhoondhis to the sugar syrup.
WE can keep it aside for one hour also. Before making laddu fry cashews, raisons and clove in ghee and mix well and make laddus.

You can amke approximately 40 laddus of this size.

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Here, is the photo of Bhoondhi Karnadi.


Varsha Vipins

Oh drooling.missing ladoos soo much..this is torture..:(


I miss that bhoondi karandi a lot,I am carving for those laddoos,have never tried of my own...ur ladoos look pretty!

Ramya's Mane Adige

delicious!!! I love boondi laddu.. Been ages since I had it :(

Mahimaa's kitchen

no ghee in laddoo? nice.. looks very good.


I have never made besan laddoo, but my MIL makes and brings for us. Yours looks soft and tasty:-)


How many laddus does this recipe make Vidhas?
Looks very yummy.

Shama Nagarajan

tempting laddoos..yumyum

Gita's Kitchen

The laddus look yummy Vidhas, I too should get a boondi karandi when I make a trip to India.


wow..beautiful drooing here..


looks yum yum and tempting!


Thank you all for the lovely comments.

Kitchen Flavours

Wow yummy....


Delicious, my favourite one, my mom do very often this delish, thats so nice of ur aunt...


Though i dont eat sweets a lot,i love laddu and jaangiri.Iam craving for ur laddoo:)yummyyy....Do visit my blog.I too have posted besan ladoo.but that's completly diff from urs:)


Thank you Lubna, Priya and Chitra.


wow i love ladoos.but i dont have that karandi with me. When i was in chennai we used to prepare this for diwali.really craving for that


Hi vidhas,
wow such fantastic laddoos! The only time i ate these was from Tirupati with the camphor in it. Nice photograph of the boondi karandi as well.

thanks for a great entry to JFI Chickpeas!


Looks lovely..... Yummy!


Lovely laddoos drooling here:)

Purva Desai

Boondi Laddus are my fav....they look yummy and packet with rich raisins and dry fruits...


Thanks Anu, Jeyashri, Ms, Jaishree and Purva.

MS . this is great to particpate in jfi chickpea


Hi vidhya,

i saw all ur which i like Laddu somuch..shapes are looking perfect and i remembered the taste once u prepared this fr a festival, when we both were in Ashok Nagar..superb! and i miss chennai a lot..
by frm nandini

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