Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A Small Thank You Note

I am so happy to post my 100th post. I thought I will celebrate it , by giving a feast for eyes to all by blogger friends. My sil Vibaas started her blog, I really don’t know what is blog etc before I saw her blog. I was so exicted and ask her about that, can I do something like this. She included me in her blog as author, and I was contributing recipes there. She told me if you want to have your own space, you start a blog, I will help you. Really I am so lucky to have a sister in law like her, lots of things she helped me. She uploaded widgets for me, she taught me how to send entries to events etc. I learnt a lot and got so many blogger friends, lots of recipes.

Thanks everyone , for the support given and encouragement. I should make even more friends in future

This sweet is my mom’s signature dish. She prepares a lot during diwali period. I tried once when I got married and this is my second time. I added slightly less sugar , the burfi’s had awesome milk flavour, but it was slightly chewy. My kids called it as milky bar Chew ( One variety in Cadbury Chocolate). If you add more sugar the burfy will be hard like other burfi’s. Every one like this but it is little time consuming, but its really worth trying.


Milk – 4 cups
Sugar – 1 cup ( I used ¾ cup)
Ghee for greasing the plate


Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed pan and keep in a low flame. Let it boil nicely.when it becomes thick and the quantity is reduced into half add sugar.

Stir it , so that it wont stick at the bottom of the vessel.

When It become thick, stir continuously , drop it in the greased plate, if you can roll it like a ball, it is ready you can transfer to the greased plate, and when make pieces.

This burfi is taking part in Recipes for rest of us - Desserts hosted by Varsha and Ramki.
This recipe I learnt if from my mom, Patti's (Grandma) Burfi for Janani/ Gautham , so it goes to Cooking for kids with love hosted by Pritya.
Also, this entry goes to cooking with luv for luv hosted by Priyanaka and just for you by Alka.


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