Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thengai Thuvayal / Coconut Chutney

This is our favourite. Both my mom and mil makes this so.. well. It is comfort food when you are lazy or quickly you have to make something to have with rice. With this you can have chips or papad roasted in microwave also go well.This entry goes to Chutney or Dip Mania event hosted by Ramya.


Grated coconut – 1 cup
Urad dhall – 4 tbsp
Red chili – 3 or 4
Pepper – few
Salt to taste
Tamarind – berry size or lemon juice
Hing - one generous pinch

Oil to saute


Heat oil and add red chili, pepper, urad dhall , hing and saute nicely.
Add the coconut.If you are adding tamarind soak with salt and water.
Combine all and add salt and grind it , not to smooth paste, slightly coarse.
If you are using lemon juice add now. I use lemon juice because we can adjust the taste.
Goes well with rice also with dosas.

Varsha has passed me this award. Yes i love chatting with friends. Thanks Varsha.

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I would like to pass both the awards to my friends: Raji, Poonam , n33ma, Trupti, Ann, Priya,Cham Veggie belly, Sowmya, Sangi, Srilekha, vaishali, Nithya, Mahimaa, Hema, Vidya,Anu, Aquadaze,Swapna, Alka, Shama, Uma, preety, Jaishree,Sabitha,Roochi, Lubna, Pavithra, Vidyavenky, premyscakes, Medha Purva Desai, Gita Jayashree Mudaliar, Ramya UJ,

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