Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dosa Pizza

Thank you friends , for the lovely comments for the template. All the credit goes to my husband. When he was searching and asking me suggestions, my daughter was watching all that. She was nagging me for so many days after seeing her cousin Ashwin’s blog. I was somehow managing saying yes, I will do it. Finally she asked her father to do, he has done in few minutes. She loves Barbie and she wanted a Barbie template. He has done for her. Hmm, I was asking him for so.. many days, but when come to daughter, it took only few minutes. My sweet daughter’s blog “My Own Space in the Web”, Kindly check it out.

Coming to my recipe, last week I was so tried I can’t even think of any snacks for the evening. I had dosa batter in the fridge, so I made this , my kids liked so much, they finished in few seconds. Next day for breakfast when I made dosa, my lil one asked amma, are you going to make dosa pizza again!!


Dosa batter
Onion – 1
Tomato – 1
Corn – one handful
Capsicum – 1
Spinach ( palak) - one handful
Tomato sauce


Chop the onion, capsicum into lengthwise, chop tomato into cubes.
Combine, onion, capsicum, corn and spinach in a microwave safe bowl, smear a few drops of
Olive oil and cook for 2 minutes in micro high.
Heat a griddle and spread dosa batter as a thick layer.
Spread the vegetables over the dosa. My daughter likes crispy tomatoes so I add the cubes of tomato for her.
For my son, I spread tomato sauce and spread the veggies over that.
Spread the grated cheese over the veggies, sprinkle oregano, if you want spicy you can sprinkle chili flakes too. Close with a lid, cook until the cheese melts.
Delicious dosa pizza is ready in minutes.


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