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I learnt this from the TV show Pengal.com in Mega Tv. I regularly watch that program In that one lady Mrs. Meena used to do lots of dishes, I think she has lived in abroad for so many years and now she has settled in India. I have tried lots of dishes and all came out Yum.
There was an annual programme in Janani's music class , when we went there I saw this lady I was surprised. After long time hesitation i spoke to her and told her I love her programme. She was so happy . Her son who is 11 years old and Janani is in the same batch and they performed. She live in the same street where our house was.

I am leaving to Coimbatore tonight and will be back on 8 th may. I think I can go to browsing centre and check my blog but i can't visit your blogs.

Corn Puloa


Basmati rice - 1 cup
Corn - 1 cup
Onion - 1 medium size
Paneer - 1/2 cup ( for garnishing)
Pepper - 1/4 tsp ( I used Italian seasoning)
Sugar - 1/2 tsp
Garam masala - 1 tsp
Green chili - 2 ( slit length wise)
Salt to taste
Cashew - 10 for garnishing
Butter , oil - for cooking


1. Soak in a micro safe bowl the corn adding some water.
2 .Cook basmathi rice and sprinkle few drops of ghee and mix it so that it won't stick together.
3. Cook the corn in microwave with the water for 2 minutes.

4. Heat butter and roast the cashews and keep it aside.
5. In the same pan add oil and add Onions and green chili and saute.
6. Chop paneer n to small pieces , fry the paneer pieces in a non stick pan adding salt and Pepper powder ( I used Italian seasoning)

7. When the onions are turned pink add the corn after draining the water.
8. Add Garam masala, salt and saute.
9. After the masala's raw smell goes, add the cooked rice and mix well.
10. Garnish with Paneer and cashew.

Goes well with Raita or plain curd.

Aam Panna - Raw Mango Drink

I learnt this from my friend Bhawana. I like this so.. much it is so refreshing.


Raw mango - 1
Sugar - as per taste
Pepper powder - one pinch
Chat masala - one generous pinch


1. Peel the skin and cut the mango in to big chunks and boil it.
2. Make a sugar syrup (only to dissolve the sugar) . Mash the Boiled mango to make a pulp and ad that to sugar syrup.
3. Adjust the sugar as per the sourness of the mango.
4. Add chat masala and pepper to that.
5. serve chilled.

A lovely Award

Priya Sriram and Sangi has passed me this beautiful Award. Thank you so.. much, and I am honoured. :-) I would like to pass it to all my blogger friends.
I request all my friends to visit the link and accept my award.

This entry goes to CFK - rice hosted by trupti and 15 minutes cooking by Mahi.
Corn Pulao is taking part in Lets go nuts Cashew hosted by Poornima.
Aam Panna is taking part in Refreshing drinks by Anu and Summer treat hosted by Priti.


Purva Desai

I am right now having Aam panna while typing this comment for u....its a must drink at our place during summers.....corn pulao also looks delicious


very new style of puloa. will try it very soon. apt for lucnch box.this mango drinnk i have tasted very longback. thanks for reminding me.have a nice holiday in ur mom's place.enjoy.


Hi Vidya...Thanksfor visting my blog..you have an excellent blog..Adding pepper and chat masala to the mango juice is very new to me..Looks refreshing..Enjoy your trip...


Corn pulao looks great V, love those cookery shows on TV too I get Sanjeev Kapoor's on Zee TV! :)

Have a great time, see you in June. I will be gone next week as well.


Corn Pulao looks yummy and i love aam panna :) congratulations for the award

Ramya Vijaykumar

Yummy Corn Pulao and Aam panna is very appetizing and comfort drink...


Hi Vidhas,
Wow, u actually met that lady of ur fav. cookery show! cool :)
orn pulao looks so filling with so many additions. Good one.
Aam pannaaaaaaaaaaaa....wow! love it. yup it's so refreshing, ur glass of aampanna looks so good n sugary!
CONGRATULATIONS! on the awards dear.
Enjoy ur vacations :) we'll miss u.
Actually me too on a short break from day after :)


All the dishes are lovely vidhya..


The pulao looks delicious and the drink too :) First time I'm seeing a drink with raw mango! Great entries for the events :)

Mangala Bhat

wow! nice one ...congrats on ur award :)thanks for ur comment @my blog

Gita's Kitchen

Yummy rice and drink...Congrats on your award dear :)

Mahimaa's kitchen

my amma also told me that she had aam panna at her friend's place and loved it. should try it sometime. corn pulao looks wonderful. thx for sending it to my event dear.have a nice time in Coimbatore.


I 've never had that raw mango drink. After seeing your pic, I really want to.Will have to wait till I get to India :(


Btw, COngrat on the award:)

Varsha Vipins

Thats an appetizing Pulao Vidhyakka..Looks totally drool worthy..:)


Lovely pulao and a refreshing drink... Looks inviting! Thanks for sending it for my event!


very cute and different recipes!


Different and nutty flavor! Enjoy ur trip!


Corn pulao looks yummy..am drooling over raw mango juice..enjoy ur holidays VIdhya!


Corn pulav looks yummy. And mango juice is really refreshing.

Priya Sriram

Thats a sweet surprise, huh? Great Vidhya! Corn pulao looks yumm and healthy! Raw mango juice?? Wow... please pass me the glass! I love the idea itself!
And congrats on the award dear, its a pleasure to share it with you! :)


First time here..Looking good and ur header is so nice


mmm pualo looks delicious, juice is tempting me a lot..!


Wow, those are some yummy treats there! Both the dishes look mouth-watering. Congrats on the award and so nice of you to share it with all the friends :)

Poornima Nair

Delicious Pulao, my hubby loves this dish n I love that drink, one of my favorites.


Corn pulao looks very rich Vidya, i love the garnishing part very much..Moreover, raw mango juice is new to me..But very interesting..

Have a nice trip and enjoy...

Shama Nagarajan

lovely pulao dear..nice drink..can imagine the taste....Congrats dear..


love aam panna..pulao looks yumm too.. hopw you have a nice time..


Pulao looks yummy vidhya..nice pic too..all are nice!!


Thank you my friends , form this wonderful support, i am publishing my comments from a browsing ncentre, will surely visit your blog when i will come to Chennai.

Madhu's cooking gallery

Aam pana is really a wonderful drink..refreshing too! love the corn pulav too.. nice presentation!


Pulao looks so yummy... and simple...love it and so the aam panna...thanks for the entry :)

Home Cooked Oriya Food

I love Aam pana too! Nice site here...

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