Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nungu Delight (palm Fruit)

Nungu is a fruit from the palm tree. It is known as Ice apple in English. While I was searching for the English name I found this. It has lots of minerals and it keep you cool from the hot sun. We love to eat Nungu as it is, but i tried this recipe, it tasted yum. For some strange reason my son did not like Nungu, but i wanted to give him in the hot summer day, i made this, he liked. I blended Nungu with milk he liked that too.


Nungu - 4 to 5
Sugar - as per taste
Milk - 2 cups
Rooh afza syrup - 1 tbsp


1. Peel the skin on Nungu and cut it to small pieces.
2. Mix sugar and rooh afza syrup and add the Nungu pieces.
3. Serve chilled.

I blended all the ingredients and served instead of milk in the evening, kids loved it.

One day I combined tender coconut and Nungu, it also tasted yum!!


Tender coconut - 1 cup
Nungu - 2 to 3
Sugar ( optional)


Combine all the ingredients and blend it. Serve chilled.

Here is the Nungu fruit.

I love to make different things and serve the kids. This entry goes to FIC - Express your mood hosted by Nithya started by Harini.



It has been a while since I had nongu and girl you are tempting me with those photos :)


Interesting recipes...I always eat this just like that..now this is gud


i love nungu very much. and i miss that too. here i dont get it.good, u made it in a creative way.


OMG! Vidhya this is my favorite favorite fruit. I love it's bland yet slightly sweet taste. In my homeotwn we get plenty of this in summer. Waiting to go home.Nice recipes. I have always had plain nungu. But maybe from now on I will try something different.


I love this, I really miss this fruit now a days :( Wondering where can I get this in US :)


I just love nungu. Mom makes it pretty much the same way.. I am getting too tempted by the picture :)

Shama Nagarajan

nice idea dear....lovely delight...

Mangala Bhat

wow! awsome ..recipe .looks soo tempting ..Will try this recipe soon ..Looks perfect


Nungu is one of my favourite childhood food item. Here in USA, I miss it.

Sometimes kids are really fussy. Still Iam searching a method of giving carrot to my kids..


aah, miss those days when we were little kids and enjoyed nongu. Haven't had it in a reaaally long time. Loved your ideas and pictures. I am sure your kids enjoyed all the drinks.


We call it Nongu in tamil vidya! I love it..!


tboth the drinks are damn healthy :) kids will def. love it!! I liked the addition of rose essence in the drink,nice clicks


Thank you friends for passing by and for the lovley comments. Jhanani you can try out adding carrots in dosai.


Nice nungu recipe. First time to your blog. What,s your e mail ID and how can I contact you?


Oh my god ..this is my fav and you have tempted me so so much ,really i am missing this so much..feel like grabing the bowl and fruit from the screen , seeing ur i am feel refreshed and wish to have that immediately.. wonderful thirst quencher.


Thats looking so cool! Actually here in Singapore we get nungu in wet market,but taste will not be as good as there...
And Ice apple is a cool name no?!!
Ur recipe is awesome!!


Thanks Pavithra, Shanthi and Raji. Shanthi i will mail u


Wow the drinks look so delicious! Definitely kids favourite!


This is new to me , loved the color :)

Kitchen Flavours

Love that tender coconut......refreshing....palm fruit delight...........very refreshing...nice entry......


This is extremely creative,I would have never thgt of it and looks so good.

Divya Kudua

We too love nungu,but always had it plain.Mixing it with milk and tender coconut is a great idea.Adding rooh-afsa to it is an even more better idea..you seem to have followed Juhi Chawla's advice literally..;)..rooh-afsa milao;)

Mahimaa's kitchen

that's a creative dish. very nice.. i love nungu.


gr88 idea!
colorful&healthy drink...kids will
def. love it...


Hi Vidhya, I tried adding it in dosa mavu, also. But she sees the color and refuses it:-( Prepared juice, kheer,etc, but all in Vain.



Thank you friends for the lovley comments.


Nungu is my fav and have made so many twists with it... great yaar... esp loved the one with the roohafza syrup... too good

Purva Desai

We call nangu, Tadgola.....ur dishes are simply tempting me.....very refreshing

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