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I have made aloo and vadi subzi when i was working in Delhi. That time i bought the vadis form shop. For ICC i am made the vadi. i followed the recipe given by Valli. I am not able to download the dried vadi phots. so i am posting with the wet ones. will upload the dried one soon.


Urad dhall - 500 gms
White pumpkin - 375 gms
Ginger & coriander - 125 gms
Black elachi 50 - 60 gms
Panch puran - 60 gms
Red chilim - 200 gms
Pepper powder - 100 gms
Saunf seeds - 60 gms
Cloves - 25 gms
Cumin seeds - 25 gms
cummin powder - 10 gms
black cumin seeds - 25 gms
1/4 of nut meg
mace powder - 1 tsp
hing - 15 gm
cinnamon powder - 15 gm


Coarsely grind Uradm dhall. soak in enough water to cover 1/2 inch above the dal and leave for couple of hours. It will become a thick batter.

Make a shallow pit in the centre by removing some mix, add hing in the pit. and cover with the mix you have taken it out.
Leave ovbernight to raise.
Clean pumpkin and grate it. Squeeze the water and add to the dahll.
Grind ginger, green chili and coarinder leaves.
Add all the spices into the dhall.

Mix well and beat vigorously. you can add little water , if it is thick. If you drop the batter in a cup of water it should float.

Drop small portions on a plastic sheet or in a plate.

Dry in the sun.


Hari Chandana

Very nice recipe :)


I helped my mom in making them..but never attempted alone..looks gr8


Hi,I am sharing an award with you.Please collect it from my blog.


thank you Hari Chandana, Prathiba and Niveditha.


Hi Vidhya,

Thank you for stopping by the blog. If you want to make it with regular bournvita, you need to mix it with very little water so as to get a thick syrup out(like a chocolate syrup) of it and then you can make the fudge. Maybe you might have to increase the amount of bournivita a little. Looking forward to your vadai pictures.


Hope you enjoyed making this vidya..


Hello madam, i thought you made spcial vadai for International criket council(ICC)...:) LOL

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