Friday, April 20, 2012


I  love the falooda from Saravana Bhavan. I miss that falooda, haven't gone to saravana bhavan for so long. As my kids love to have fruits, i made this. I wont like papaya , but when I had with the ice cream I was able to relish. I have not added jelly and sabja seeds . 


Watermelon de seeded - 1 cup
Papaya - 1 cup
Apple - 1 cup
Mango - 1 cup
Banana - 1 cup
Ice cream as needed
Strawberry syrup m2 to 3 tbsp



Mix all the fruits in a bowl.

Arrange in a tall glass, keep a big scoop of ice cream over it , and pour the strawberry syrup.

using a long spoon enjoy every bite.

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perfect for summer very yummy and inviting

Chef Mireille

what a feast...falooda is a wonderful summertime treat

Harini-Jaya Rupanagudi

Perfect for a hot summer day! Love the blend of colors and flavors!

lata raja

Very refreshing, especially when kids are home with their summer holidays this is such an indulgence.


First shot looks very pretty!

Priya dharshini

Falooda luks very delicious and healthy..


Wat an irresistible dessert, wish to grab and have rite now even its raining here,my fav..


Wish I can have a falooda now...lovely!!!


Perfect for time of the year!


not a big fan of falooda..i just love the colors it offers & yours looks very nice :)

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The Pumpkin Farm

this is better than the regular falooda with the fruits in it


Looks delicious and tempting, well presented

vaishali sabnani

amazing colors..very colorful and refreshing...and interesting blend of flavors.

Suma Gandlur

Lovely blend of colors and flavors.


Lovely summer treat...


Beautiful blend of colors!

Preeti Garg

look awesome combo of fruit and falooda

vaishali sabnani

wow..perfect to beat the heat:)

vaishali sabnani

wow..perfect to beat the heat:)

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