Friday, May 18, 2012


Chennai is so hot nowadays. Nungu or palm fruit, sugar palm is on season now. My kids love to have this fruit. In summers I used to give cool shakes in the evening, I saw this recipe in a TV show and i made  it. They cut the palm fruit and served with milk andRoohafza syrup. I made some changes and did this.Kids loved this.

Nungu - 4 to 5
Sugar - as per taste
Milk - 2 cups
Rooh afza syrup - 1 tbsp


 Peel the skin of nungu and cut it to small pieces.

Combine nungu, sugar, chilled milk, rooh afza and blend to milk shake.

You can cut the palm fruit in to small pieces and add milk, sugar and rooh afza , and serve .

Picture of palm fruit, the vendor will cut the shell and take out the Nungu. pic courtesy Wikipedia.

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Very interesting Vidhya. I love to eat it as such though..:)

Nalini's Kitchen

Looks so delicious and healthy...its been years since I had this one....


Have never thought of nungu in a milkshake...very interesting indeed!

Shama Nagarajan

delicious drink

Priya Suresh

Very irresistible delightful drink..

Spice up the Curry

this is great. Learn something new.

Chef Mireille

this is one fruit I've never encountered - I don't think it is available here


I love to eat these straight!...I miss them a lot....milkshake looks delicious!

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

It is my sister's fav fruit!!!! she will go crazy in summer and will pester my dad to get it for her daily!!!

vaishali sabnani

isnt this Mango steen? looks like that to me..shakelooks grt ..

Harini R

I really miss the palm fruit. Very interesting to make a shake out of this !

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