Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am so happy there was raining of awards. uma passed me this award, thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

I am so happy to get Award again. Ohh My.. I am so honoured and exicted. My friends RamyaVijayakumar, Priya, and uma passed me this Kreative Blogger Award. Ramya tagged me 3 days ago but i was thinking what to narrate about me. Thank you dear friends once again.

7 Things I say more often

pappu or Jananima (My Daughter)
Don’t do that Gautham ( My son)
Good job
Clear the place
Hello ( Over the phone)

7 things I did before

Going for a job
Yoga and workouts in Gym
Watching Hindi movies and songs
Spending time with friends
Reading Novels and books

7 Things I am doing now

Going f0r a walk
Going to temple regularly
Blogging ( My favourite)
Cooking with passion
Chating over the phone
Reading Novels and books
Clearing the mess done by my son

7 Things I want to do

Start my yoga
Hit a Gym
Learn Bharathanatyam
Start stiching my dresses
To learn Embriodery
Own and drive a car
To bring up my kids as a great ones

7 things that attract about the opposite sex

Caring Nature
Helping Tendency
Good listener
Simple and down to earth

7 Favourite Food

Flauda Icecream
Chole Bhature
Panipuri or Golkappa
My mom’s Manja pongal with egg plant kosthu
Cashew Kathli

I would like to pass these award to my friends.
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Purva Desai

Congrats for the was nice reading ur MEME...


thanks a lot dear for passing the awards... so sweet of u

Adlak's tiny world

oooooh gr8 things are going here. congrats and thanks for passing em too.

oops...have to rite 7 things on each header, u know wel vidhya i m lazy but u made my way easy. u almost resembles mine or mine is almost like u.... so catch u soon with meme tag dear....


COngrats on ur award Vidhas...nice to know more about reading ur meme..

srikars kitchen

Thxs a lot dear... congrats on ur awards...


Love reading ur meme....Congrats on ur awards.Thanks a lot for the award dear:)


tHanks a lot...congrats to you too...nice meme..


Thank you friends and everyone deserve it.

Hema, i know you are a copy cat.


Congrats for the awards...nice to know more about reading ur meme..thanks a lot dear for passing the awards... so sweet of u

M's kitchen

awards keep pouring like a rain, u r right. thx a lot dear.


hey dear Its so nice to read about you, there are few things which matches to my nature.:).

And Congratulations on your well deserving Awards. Love to see this in my blog too, Thanks for passing it to me too :).


Thank u so much Vidhya. What a great gift for me :-)


congrats on ur award . it gave me a chance to know more about u


Thnk you gals, and you all deserve it.

Shama Nagarajan

hai i am sorry ,i missed ur blog and my awards....thank you so much for passing me these awards........collect my gift for u........sorry once again.

Shama Nagarajan

sorry for late display of the awards.........


Thats lovely! Congrats and thanks for sharing it with me!


Congrats on your lovely awards dear, and thanks a lot for passing them to me!! Wish u a happy weekend!


Thanks for passing the award and tag. I got to know more about you after reading it.

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