Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am so happy there was raining of awards. uma passed me this award, thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

I am so happy to get Award again. Ohh My.. I am so honoured and exicted. My friends RamyaVijayakumar, Priya, and uma passed me this Kreative Blogger Award. Ramya tagged me 3 days ago but i was thinking what to narrate about me. Thank you dear friends once again.

7 Things I say more often

pappu or Jananima (My Daughter)
Don’t do that Gautham ( My son)
Good job
Clear the place
Hello ( Over the phone)

7 things I did before

Going for a job
Yoga and workouts in Gym
Watching Hindi movies and songs
Spending time with friends
Reading Novels and books

7 Things I am doing now

Going f0r a walk
Going to temple regularly
Blogging ( My favourite)
Cooking with passion
Chating over the phone
Reading Novels and books
Clearing the mess done by my son

7 Things I want to do

Start my yoga
Hit a Gym
Learn Bharathanatyam
Start stiching my dresses
To learn Embriodery
Own and drive a car
To bring up my kids as a great ones

7 things that attract about the opposite sex

Caring Nature
Helping Tendency
Good listener
Simple and down to earth

7 Favourite Food

Flauda Icecream
Chole Bhature
Panipuri or Golkappa
My mom’s Manja pongal with egg plant kosthu
Cashew Kathli

I would like to pass these award to my friends.
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