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I usually make beetroot curry. This time when my sil Vibaas came for vaccation, she told me about the leafy beets and she had made keerai out of that. I searched here in Chennai and I got it, I made keerai and it tasted so.. good. My kids loved it. I made some moderation in the basic recipe. You can go through my sil's recipe here.


Beetroot - 3 - 4
chili powder - 1/2 tsp
salt to taste
oil, musturd seeds for tempering.
coconut - 1/4 cup ( Optional)


1. Chop the beetroots and microwave them
2. Heat oil in a pan and pop up the musturd seeds.
3. Add the beetroot and add chili powder and salt.
4. When the raw smell has gone add the grated coconut.

Beetroot keerai


Beetroot leaf - 3 - 4
moongdhall - 1/2 cup
salt to taste
oi, musturd seeds and cummin seeds for tempering

For Grinding
coconut - 1 tbsp
red chili- 1
cummin seeds - 1/2 tsp
hing one generous pinch


1. Combine kerrai and moongdhall and pressure cook them.
2. Grind the things which has mentioned to a smooth paste.
3. Add the grinded mixture to the keerai and give a boil.
4. Separately pop up musturd seeds and jeera and add to keerai.

Since the recipes are rich in iron I am sending this to Eat healthy during pregnancy hosted by Sangeeth.



Vidhya, glad y'all liked beet greens :)

Congrats on featuring in Rendezvous with KF. WTG!


Wooo this is a great beetroot recipe. I am not familiar with many beetroot recipes.
Thanks for sharing.


The second one, beet greens is really new. Will try out!


Thank you Vidya and Soma.

Mahimaa's kitchen

beetroot keerai kelvi pattadhe ilai.. very new to me. healthy recipe. looks nice.


I love Green beet... Delicious curries....


that keerai beet combination should be a hit here..looks so tempting..and iron full..thanks

Varsha Vipins

Love ths beetroot thoran n I am soon to come with a recipe..:)


Nice and healthy. You should definitely send it to Sangeeth's pregnancy event. I am sure a lot of moms-to-be will benefit from this.


healthy and colurful dish yaar..


I thought beetroots are only for salads and sandwiches,but after looking around in blogs i am exploring so many recipes of beetroot....thnks for sharing different ways to incorporate this healthy root in regular diet !


Thank you everybody for the lovely comments.

rekhas kitchen

nice color and helthy recipe too


Healthy dishes...unfortunately am not able to get the beet greens..great dishes..

Shama Nagarajan

lovely dishes..i love any thing with beet and keerai


looks very new to me!

Pavithra Kodical

Healthy recipe...I like your blog as most of your recipe are simple yet delicious.


Beets are one of the best veggies,not many know about using the beet greens,thanks for reminding us:)

Vanamala Hebbar

Nice recipe..

Gita's Kitchen

Both are very healthy dishes. The beetroot keerai is very new to me. I should try this one soon :)


U have a great blog.. rocking!
Do check my new blog at and leave ur comments.


i was searching for beetroot with leaves. really it must a very healthy one.we all love beet root curry.


Thank you all for your lovely comments


vidya while going thro ur corn toast recipe today i just thought u can send it to the event which is now going on in RAKS Kitchen's blog. Please check it out whether it is apt for that


I liked your cauli paruppu usili. very new and nice one!

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