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This recipe I saw in a cookery show. Last week , Janani was not well , so she has not gone to school. When I was watching this show, she asked me please make it for me? So, I bought red bell pepper and I made it. But I could not find parsely in a hurry. I served with bread for evening snack, everybody liked it.


Onion – 1
Tomato – 2
Garlic pods – 5 or 6
Red bell pepper – 1
Salt to taste
Olive oil for smearing on the bell pepper
Parsley for garnishing

White Sauce.

Maida / all purpose flour – 1 tbsp
Butter – 1 tbsp
Milk – 1 to ½ cups


Combine onion, tomato , garlic and add approximately one glass of water and pressure cook for 2 whistles.
Smear olive oil all over the bell pepper and toast the evenly on the stove by turning all the sides. Peel the skin and keep it aside.

Combine the boiled vegetables and bell pepper and grind in a mixture.
Heat butter in a pan and roast maida until it raw smell goes and add the milk and make white sauce.
Add the grinded mixture in the white sauce and leave a boil until it blends. Adjust the consistency by adding water.

This entry is taking part in its a veganworld Italian hosted by Vaishali and also in SWC Soups hosted by Neha. and also in Fall in love- Tomato by Sangi.

Hema, has passed this lovely award to me, Thank you so much my dear Friend :-)

I like to pass this Award to my friends: Raji, Poonam , n33ma, Trupti, Ann, Priya,Cham Veggie belly, Sowmya, Sangi, Srilekha, vaishali, Nithya, Mahimaa, Vidya,Anu, Aquadaze,Swapna, Alka, Shama, Uma, preety, Jaishree,Sabitha,Roochi, Lubna, Pavithra, Vidyavenky, premyscakes, Medha Purva Desai, Gita Jayashree Mudaliar, Ramya UJ, Asha, Madhu , Ashwini, Vaidehi, RamyaVijayakumar, Vanamala, Sunshinemom, Varsha, Lubna, Chitra, Anu, Yasmeen, Suganya, Pavani, Purva, sriharivatsan



I love the charred and smoky vegetables in dishes. What a lovely soup,enjoy. I made one similar to this for Soup event too, will post on Monday! :)

Enjoy the award too, thanks for mone as well. Hugs and happy Shiva Ratri if you have t. I am busy cooking already! :D


i love the flavor of smoky veggeis..i don't make soups i don't know y but i never liked them..your recipe sounds interesting as this have smoky bell pepper in it..


Looks lovely! The method is different and it directly goes to my "must try recipes" list. Nice entry! Congrats on ur awards!

Varsha Vipins

My hubby would love this vidhya..yummy..:)
Congrats n thanks for the award..:)


That is a lovely entry with smoky flavor


Vidhas, soup looks very delicious ...nice to use smoked bell pepper. You can send this soup to Neha's SWC:Soups event.

Congratulations on the award & thanks for sharing this award with me.


Must have had such a nice aroma! Enjoy the award:)

Mahimaa's kitchen

hey thanks dear for the award.. soup looks great.. a nice variation to the usual tomato soup.


wow i too like bell pepper red one.very new recipe.bookmarked.


Thanks Jeyashri.


Lovely smoky flavor.....Congrats on the awards and thanks for thinking of me.


Thanks 4 the award!


soup looks yummy. am sure janani enjoyed it ;-) congrats on your award :)


tanks for the award dear


Vidhas, soup looks very delicious .. very new recipe. Congratulations on the award & thanks for sharing this award with me.


Smoked bell pepper n tomato soup, wat a lovely combo, guess how they would have tasted:)..thanks for sharing ur award with me dear, congrats on ur award..wish u more n more awards in future:)


have never tried grilling the bell pepper for soup..sounds good..will do it now..

Yasmeen the smoky bell pepper flavors in the soup.And thanks Super Duper Chef for passing the award to me:)


lovely soup..looks delicious...&thanx for the award


I would really love to try this!!!!drooling...and thanks a lot for the lovely award


Thanks gals for passing by and for the lovely comments. I always needed your encouragement like this.


i have jus given u an award..kindly collect it from my blog...


Vidhas,thanks for remembering me..for me yours is precious updating the sidebar..

and the soup-pepper combo looks great !!


You have a nice space with good recipes......


Thanks friends. Vidya i will come , thanks for sharing.


thanks for the award dear..thats a cute one..


wow .. i love smoky flavours .. yummy soup

Nithya Praveen

Hey Vidhya,Congrats on ur award n thanks so much for passing it on to me.HUgs:) I lovely the smoky taste,bookmarked...will surely give it a try.Am sure Janani wud have relished it.U surely a super MOM:)

veggie belly

thanks for the award, you are so sweet :)


Thank you friends for the lovely comments. Nithya it's my pleasure to pass. Janani relished it.

Swapna Pravin

Thank u for ur award. Soup looks rich & delicious.


The dish is fantastic! Thanks a lot for the award vidhas! :)


thank u so much for passing on the award to me... Thanks again.


I too love roasting veggies in direct flame,the flavor is so good!
Thank you for the Award dear:) Feel great!


soup looks so mouth-watering! Congrats on the well deserved award and thank you so much for mine!

Shama Nagarajan

wow..yummy inviting soup....Congrats for the award ......thank you dear for ur lovely awards to me....feeling happy and excited.....will post this soon...


Ohhhh, so sweet of you dear for passing the award to me..Have never tried bellper so far, am sure the smoky bellpaper will give a unique taste for the soup...Nice idea..

I checked the paniyaram also, will try with this ingredients next time. Baby corn ellam pottu kalakiteenga...Tx for sharing..


Thanks gals for the lovley comments. sure, srividhya try it out and tell me.


wow love the charred veggie.. Soup looks so delish..Congrats on your award..Thank you for thinking of me..

Pavithra Kodical

Thank you dear for remembering me again :)

And this recipe sounds interesting.Love the flavour of smoked veggies.Great post!

Madhu's cooking gallery

Thank you very much for the award! This is my first one and am excited! Thank you very much for this honor!

Wow!! smoky bellpepper in a soup ..sounds new and delicious..kandippa try pannanum!

small clarification Vidhya, in you post reg this award, I think you have missed the punctuation (,) after my name MadhuAshwini nu iruku.. just bringing it to your notice pa..


Vidhas, that's a beautiful soup. The roasted red peppers must add a real flavor punch. Thanks for sending this delicious dish in to IAVW Italian.


And thanks, too, dear, for thinking of me for the lovely award. You're very kind.


Thanks my dear friends for the lovely comments and support.


I love smoked bell pepper, can imagine how flavourful this soup must be.

Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for thinking of me :)


congrats on ur awars & thanks a lot for sharing with me...soupm looks yumm..nice idea of roasting veggeis in direct fire..pic looks drooling:)


soup sounds unique and sound yum.


Nice soup.., Thanx for sending.. N congrats for ur awards..


Thanks Neha.

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