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Falooda, whoever is from Chennai would surely tasted Hotel Saravana Bhavan’s falooda ice cream . Slurp… I love that. When I was pregnant for Janani, my hubby used to buy me twice a month. I simply love that. We have shifted to Thiruvanmiyur now, no saravanabhawan is near here, I miss their food and especially falooda.

I read this recipe in a Tamil magazine, Veg falooda sounded interesting. when I was copying in my recipe note book, janani asked when you will make this for me, at last I made it last week. I made some changes according to kids taste buds, my convenience.The recipe had asked for making rice sevai, by making idly from par boiled rice mixture and make sevai out of it. I have used ready to cook sevai.


Cabbage – grated 1/2cup
Capsicum – small 1 (finely chopped)
Carrot grated – ½ cup
Ready to make sevai – 1 cup
Tomato – 3 to 4
Pepper powder – 1 tbsp or as per taste
Salt to taste
Corn flour – 1 tsp
Milk – ½ cup
Fried corn flakes – few for garnishing
Oil as required


1. Boil water and add the sevai and drain the excess water and keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a kadai and saute the vegetables by adding salt and pepper as per taste.( the recipe asked for steaming the vegetables)
3. Make a puree of tomatoes. In a bowl mix corn flour and milk.
4. In a pan pour the puree and boil it, when the tomatoes are cooked , add the milk mixed with corn flour.
5. Add salt and pepper as per taste. When it has come to soup consistency, switch off the gas.

How to serve.

1. Take a tall glass and spread the steamed vegetables as a first layer.
2. Over the vegetables spread sevai.
3. Pour the tomato soup on the top and garnish with fried corn flakes.

I have served my Lil one in a bowl.



I always thought Falooda is a dessert served with Ice cream, this is really unique and looks fab with layers of veg and noodles. Good one Vidhas! :)


i have never tasted this..but looks so colorful with diff layers

Poornima Nair

Sounds delicious...love the perfect layers.

Varsha Vipins

Haa..Thats quite new Vidhyakka..Vegie falooda..looks kewll..:)

Malar Gandhi

Hi, I love cold dessert falooda, this sounds totaly new, lot sof veggie, semiya...sounds like vietanamese soup to me!! nice post.


never heard of veg falooda..looking great vidhya..


never heard of veg falooda..looking great vidhya..


I never tasted one! I will definetly dig when I will go Sharavan bhav next time!
Very delicious one!


Hey,this is so cool! Looks colorful and healthy one!! Glad that ur kids liked it!

Gita's Kitchen

Yummy falooda Vidhas, it looks so inviting, very innovative :) My sister also lives in Thiruvanmiyur!


savoury falooda...now that is one unique recipe!


Thank you all for the lovley comments.


falooda looks so scrumptious Vidhas! Never heard of this. Yummy!


Never knew saravana bhavan had this on their menu!!Will try this for sure..Thanks for sending it to the event..


Never heard of veg Falooda..I had only cold Falooda served with icecream..This with veggies seem to be very quite interesting..


I have always thought falooda as a dessrt. The savory version is new to me. Would like to try this one.


new dish.heard of falooda icecream,never heard of hot falooda,and glad to know that kids liked that


Thanks you Friends.


Superb vidhas...can imagine the taste..drooling


For me faloodas are sweet desserts, wow vidhya never thought of this hot falooda dear..looks amazing, looks like vermicelli soup...

Shama Nagarajan

wow..lovely falooda....


never tasted falooda,new to me..Iam going to try this sure:)


Thanks Shama, Priya, Chitra and Ann. try it and tell me how do you felt.


i was boggled when i read the title,and i am amazed with what a deviation it is from the falooda -the dessert
But it looks so good and unique.Will experiment it when some guests are there ,and i am sure they will be impressed with MY CREATIVITY...lolz
Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe,i really enjoyed going thru it


Thanks Alka, Make for your guests and let me know thier reaction.


I too love the falooda at sarvana bhavan! OMG! its heavenly! This veg falooda is very innovative... Looks fabulous!


Interesting as well as looks delicious.........!!!!!!


This looks so amazing with all vegiies and noodles..Yumm..

Pavithra Kodical

Never tasted falooda.As asha akka said i thought it to be sweet.Sounds great.Great post Vidhas :)


Thanks you Anu, Pavithra, Ashwini and spice N cook.

Priya Sriram

Hi Vidhya, you have a wonderful blog with awesome collection of recipes. Thanks for stopping by!

I have never tried falooda, it looks fabulous! :)


This is really unique and looks fabulous.. delicious.........!! Love it!


Thank you Priya and Jaishree.

Mangala Bhat

Hey Thanks for stopping by and lovely comment ..

i love idea of perfect layers of veggies.never tried this one looks new to me :)

Adlak's tiny world

hey yr pic are looking cute now a days.. nice falooda. keep it for me will come and have it.

Divya Vikram

Very unique n creative recipe.Thanks for sending it to Think Pepper event!


wow innovative recipe, lov it.


Thanks Divya, Hema and Mangala.

Hema surely will make for you when u come here.


Thanks Premy.


fantastic idea! I've always love falooda in dessert form, the veggie version sounds equally tempting :)

Madhu's cooking gallery

hey this looks so lovely and colorful! quiet new! with the veggies.. nice creative drink! :) yummy!


Thanks Suparna and Madhu.

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