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This is every body's favourite in my family. Sometimes, i make this for breakfast, but most of the times I make for lunch. My daughter loves this. When she was in kg i used to make her poori in different shapes, now she can take the normal ones. My Lil one also likes this so.. much.


Wheat flour - 2 cups
Sooji / Rava - 2 tbsp
Potato - 3 or 4
Onion - 1 ( big)
tomato - 1 ( medium)
Green chili - 2 to 3
curry leaves - few
salt to taste
Turmeric powder - one generous pinch
oil for frying
Oil , mustard seeds, urad dhall for tempering
cilantro for garnishing


1.Combine atta, sooji, salt and water , and make a dough for poori. Adding sooji makes the poori stay fluffy for longer time. Make small pooris and deep fry it.

2. Boil the potatoes , peel the skin and cut in to small pieces.

3. Heat a pan, add oil, mustard seeds, urad dhall and curry leaves.

4. Add the chopped onions , turmeric powder and saute well. Add green chili, finely chopped tomatoes.Saute .

5. Add the potatoes, salt and mix well. Sprinkle water and cook for sometime until it blends nicely. Garnish with cilantro.

This is taking part in CFk - wheat hosted by sireesha started by sharmi

This is going to take part in Monthly mingle 31 kids lunches hosted by Srivalli started by Meeta. and also taking part in JFI – Wheat hosted by Roma's Space and cooking of kids - Potato hosted by Deepa started by Sharmi.



Everybody's fav vidya..great click..!!

Mahimaa's kitchen

poori masal is loved by all ages, isn't it? looks delicious and perfect.


Poori masala is all time hit and most of us love it:)

Madhu's cooking gallery

Hmm yummy Vidhya, my all time favorite! always a hit with the kids right? Your's looks perfect! sapida varalama?

Shama Nagarajan

hai dear..u r tempting me with this lovely recipe


Looking so tempting vidhya......


my son's favourite.whenever we out to have food,he will order poori only.looks tempting.


Poori masal is my fav dish and always i wish to do this as quick dish when unexpected visitors for dinner.


Delicious!,my all time favorite!loved the fluufy pooris vidya

Gita's Kitchen

Poori masala is my absolute comfort food, after seeing that picture, I think its time for me to start preparing poori masala for breakfast today :)


Thank you friends for your lovley comments.


All time favorite!looks perfect!you r tempting me to have poori with masala right now:)


puri masala all time fav..looks very delicious


i had the same in my draft and thinking of posting this week..yours look so to have some now..i think these kind of meal are so perfect for weekend to enjoy


A universal favorite, right?! Looks wonderful :)


Wow so yummmyyy..My all time favourite..


Perfect lunch, looks so tasty!

Poornima Nair

We had Poori bhaji for lunch yesterday and yet this is tempting me. Looks yumm.

FoodyGuru (Srimathi)

Could never resist poori and masala.Infact just puri with sugar would be even better esp when they are hot. The photo captured the puri very well


poori masala looks awesome vidhya..nice click too!!!


Thanks you gals for passing by and for the lovley comments. Yes, everybody likes poori, who will say No !?


Who says no to this tiffin? Yum :)


looking yummy n mouthwatering pooris with aloo

Varsha Vipins

Yummm..I remember Vibaas also posted this sometime back..:)


Excellent lunch..! Good work dear!


Thank you alll for the lovley words. Yes, Varsha viya posted a month ago.


This is my fav breakfast too....yummy!

Adlak's tiny world

hey same pinch.. give me sweet da. jus i had the same for my dinner.


Yummmm! Poori masala is my fav! Nothing can beat this combo! Looks delicious!


Thank you Neema, Hema and Anu.

Deepa Hari

Puri aloo looks yummy Vidhya...My fav. too...never tired of having it...been a while since i made puri...feel like having one now...Thank you Dear for the lovely entry.

Gita's Kitchen

Sure dear, I would love to meet you soon :)

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