Monday, September 10, 2012


I am so happy to participate in BM # 20. Thanks to Srivalli for organising this. Me and my kids love peanut butter. I saw in a TV show , Mrs. Meena making this. I wanted to try, i searched in web , got loads of ideas. I made it lot of times. According to me, We can make this fresh instead of buying. We can have preservative free butter. 


Peanut - 100 gms
Sugar - 1tsp or honey 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp


Dry roast the peanuts or you can roast in oven also.
When the skin peels off , turn off the gas and remove the skin.

After removing the skin , put it in a mixer and ground coarsely.


Add honey or sugar and oil and run the mixer once.

Creamy peanut butter is ready. You can enjoy with your toast. It even tastes nice in salt biscuit sandwich.

You can use roasted unsalted peanuts available in the market.
You can roast the peanuts in Oven too.


Archana Potdar

This is something I have been meaning to try for a long time. Love the sandwiches.

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srividhya Ravikumar

very useful post... looks yumm..

A Kamalika Krishmy

Completely agree to the fact that .. home made is any day better than store bought .

Shama Nagarajan

delicious dear... link this creamy butter for Know your sweetness - honey event here :

The Pumpkin Farm

lovely recipe Vidhya


This is in my 'to do' list for a really long time. Looks nice.

Lubna Karim

That's so simple and yum way to make peanut butter...


home made spreads are always fresh n delicious...



Nivedhanams Sowmya

fresh and healthier than the store bought...


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Delicious peanut butter, seriously i love homemade spreads very much.

vaishali sabnani

oh dear never knew ths wud b as simple!..good one.

S. Gathampari Harivijayaraj

Fresh and simpler 1...goes well with toasted bread..


Delicious peanut butter spread.. Should try making this sometime.

Divya's Culinary Journey


I too make it at home. This is so easy and tasty, rite :)

Srivalli Jetti

You are rocking with all such homemade stuffs..very nice!

preeti garg

Awesome recipe

Chef Mireille

I have an aunt who makes homemade pb - but I have never tried before

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