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I  have not made cake since I don't have an oven, This cake is a simple one , made in jiffy and yummy. In my Tupperware assembly they used to make recipes,I  learnt in that. It's so soft and spongy. Kids loved it.   


Bourbon biscuits - 6 nos or Rs. 10 packet

Milk bikies - 14 nos or Rs. 10 packet

Milk powder - 20 gms (Rs. 10 )

Milk 200 ml

Plain Eno - 5 gms (Rs. 7 packet )

Sugar - 2 tbsp

Gems to decorate


Combine the 2 type of biscuits and sugar in a mixer and powder them.

Add milk powder , sugar and blend.

Add milk and blend.

Add eno  to this mix.

Grease a bowl with butter and pour this mixture. 

Pour 3/4 of the bowl and leave some space to raise.

Pressure cook for 10 minutes without the whistle like idli.

Insert a tooth pick or a knife to see whether it has cooked well.

Let it cool. Take it from the mold  and decorate with gems.

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Arthy shama

The biscuit cake looks amazing dear. With perfect cakey texture, I am yet to recover from the fact that these are made with powdered biscuits :)

Sowmya :)

That's such a easy and tasty recipe. I have to try this for my little one soon.

Pavani N

Very interesting cake without an oven. It looks so soft & fluffy -- yummy!!


is it with water inside cooker or no water ?


Looks fantastic Srividya..great method to make without oven!

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