Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hope everybody had a blast on Diwali. After Diwali i was down with fever , so i could not update my blog. I made mixture, Cashew Burfi and Ladoo. Since i have posted then other 2 last year, i thought of posting this. My aunt makes wonerful ladoos. I have helped her in making ladoos when i was in Delhi,. This time i have tried alone , it came out well.


Besan – 4 cups (chickpea flour)

Sugar – 6 cups

Water – 2 cups

Cashew, raisins, clove , ghee


Make sugar syrup by dissolving sugar and two cups of water. The syrup should be sticky like we make for gulab jamoon.

Take 2 cups of besan add water and make bhoondhi using bhoondhi karandi( it is a tool to make bhoondhis) Repeat the same for the rest of besan.

Strain the oil in a paper napkin and add the bhoondhis to the sugar syrup.

We can keep it aside for one hour also. Before making laddu fry cashews, raisins and clove in ghee and mix well and make laddus.

You can make approximately 60 laddus of this size.

Note :

1. You can add lemon juice to the sugar syrup to avoid it getting thicken.
2. If the sugar syrup become thick after adding bhoondhis to it, keep the vessel inside warm water and mix well, the syrup will become thin and you can make ladoos easily.


Dr.Sameena Prathap

Hey Vidhya,

Love ladoos...I Posted this afternoon only!!:)



laddoos looks yummy n cute dear...

Hari Chandana

Wowww... this is fav recipe.. I too make this recipe.. yours looks yummyyy... thanks for sharing dear !!


looks soo good and yummy....


Looks delicious!


Nice Ladoos vidya,hope u had a good diwali.


Thank you friends for the lovely comments

Yummy tasty ladoos.They look wonderful.

Santosh Bangar

Hi! laddoos are looking amazing and tempting.
1st time here .u have wonderful space
do visit to my blog

Sharmilee! :)

Laddoo is my fav...looks super yum


Delicious laddoos, i dont bother to grab some..


I too wanted to try these laddos for this diwali,but ended up in the usual ones,sounds delicious!

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